EU health chief says companies are under suspicion

Written by Reuters | Brussels | Updated: Feb 14 2013, 08:55am hrs
All companies that have handled falsely-labelled horsemeat are under suspicion, the European Unions health chief said on Wednesday, adding the commission was considering strengthening the relevant law.

EU ministers are to meet later on Wednesday in Brussels to work out their response to a scandal over the sale of horsemeat in products sold as containing beef.

It is evident that somewhere down the line, someone... has fraudulently or perhaps negligently labelled a product in a deceptive way, Borg said. All those countries through which this meat product has passed are under suspicion. By the countries, I mean the companies in those countries which dealt with this meat product, he said, adding it would be unfair at this stage to point the finger at any organisation.

Wednesdays meeting will focus on strengthening existing EU law, Borg said, adding the commission was studying the possibility of extending country-of-origin labelling to processed meat products.

The issue came to light on January 15 and has caused particular anguish in Britain, where eating horse flesh is virtually taboo.