Engineering software firm Ansys scouts for cloud partners in India

Written by Pankaj Maru | Pankaj Maru | Updated: May 15 2014, 00:09am hrs
Ansys, a global provider of engineering simulation software is looking for cloud partners, which can help the company to provider its software solutions to small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) and organisations in India.

We are looking for cloud partners in India, which can provide our software solutions to SMEs in India. We are in the process of identifying these partners and are already in talks with some, Rafiq Somani, Country Sales Manager India, Ansys, told Express Computer in Bangalore recently.

However we are not looking for tech companies or pure cloud providers but looking for partner, who can understand or have understanding of the manufacturing sector and can bring or add value to the manufacturing sector, Somani added.

In view of Somani, today there's a cloud and mobility trend but how can these technologies be advantageous to SMEs and small organisations, remains very important. So, there's a need to educate SMEs about cloud and mobility, Somani stressed.

Ansys software solutions are largely used across verticals including aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, electronics, manufacturing and others. However, Somani pointed that wherever product development and designing is being done using HPC (High Performance Computing), company's software are used.

Top OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) or mid-size companies in the discreet engineering or manufacturing space are our customers, Somani added.

In terms of market competition, according to Somani, there are many niche players in the CAE (computer aided engineering) space.

Given the growing trend of reducing product or device size, multiple technologies are being used today. So many of these niche players are only focusing on one of the three areas (structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, electronics) of Physics but Ansys is the only company to address all the three areas of Physics. So there's no pure play competition for Ansys, Somani claimed.

The US based company operates in India as Ansys Software Private Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary and has its second largest development facility in Pune with over 200 software developers. Many of the core modules of company's software applications and products are developed at Pune facility.

India is one of the fastest growing market for Ansys along with Korea and China. We are looking at 25 percent year-on-year growth and want to double revenue over the next three years, Somani informed. However, Somani didn't shared company's revenue figures as well as number of customers in India.