Enfant terrible

Written by Anushree Bhattacharyya | Updated: Mar 19 2014, 08:59am hrs
Campaign: Born for the internet

Brand: MTS 3G plus network

Company : MTS India

Agency: Creativeland Asia

The Campaign

The ad film opens in a labour room where a woman is being coaxed by the doctor to push, as the to-be father and the nurse watch anxiously. Suddenly, the babys hand pops out from under the cover and gestures at everybody to stop. The doctor, shocked at the babys antics, faints.

The baby then crawls from under the sheet and sits on the mothers chest. Bewildered, the babys parents and the nurse look at him. From here on, the baby is on a roll. He takes the tab from his fathers hand and googles, how to cut the umbilical cord. He next takes a pair of scissors and cuts it and flaunts the cord and the scissors at his surprised mother. As the nurse dresses him, he pulls out her phone and then takes a selfie with the nurse and posts it on Instagram.

As his parents continue to look stunned, he laughs and jumps off the bed and crawls on the floor. He reaches for a laptop and logs onto the internet using the MTS dongle connected on the laptop. He creates accounts on multiple social networking sites and broadcasts himself, makes a video and even uses the GPS system to navigate out of the hospital.

Finally, the baby walks out of the clinic, even as the receptionist is watching a video of the baby on Youtube. As the baby walks out, the television commercial ends with the message appearing on the screen that says, Born for the internet - MTS 3G plus network.

Our Take

At a time when the internet has actually taken over our life right from uploading pictures on Instagram or Facebook, to sharing thoughts on Twitter, using Google Maps for navigation, chatting on WhatsApp, the timing of the launch of the ad film is perfect. The ad not only depicts our life today, it specially draws attention to the new generation who is always present on the internet. Using the newborn baby is an interesting way to depict the internet generation. There have been many examples in the past where brands have drawn inspiration from consumers lives but this one is going to stay in our minds for sometime, as almost everyone can connect with the idea. Whats more, the ad also provides a glimpse of our net-dominated future. With multiple screens such as phones, tablets, laptops, smart television sets, etc., already vying with each other to keep our attention, the future can be expected to be more dynamic, where we will require 24x7 internet connection. It is here that a company like MTS will have a role to play. The brand fits into the storytelling very smoothly and it really makes you think, Yes! I do need a good internet connection. The ad does it job beautifully. It not only makes the viewer notice the story, the brand too gets its share of the limelight. The artists too add flavour to the story-telling but the icing on the cake is the baby created with the help of Computer Graphic Interface (CGI). The advertisement is sure to click with many, including those who already claim to be internet citizens.