Educational Tablet: A smart way to make your child smarter

Updated: Jun 5 2014, 19:38pm hrs
TechnologyTechnology in the field of education is blooming with the tools like education tablets and Classroom Management Solutions. Image Courtesy: Reuters
The world is going through the phase where technology is influencing almost everything, it evolved so much that no aspect of modern human life is now untouched with it. Education, being an important aspect of human life right from the beginning of the civilized world, has failed to be an exception this time.

Information technology has breached education in the past one decade with mobile technology getting deeper in the system. Today all the major institutions across the world are either using or planning to switch to education tablets or other smart tools.

Earlier they used to have tablets, a handy touch screen device that people used for their entertainment. But today this amazing piece of mobile technology is used in the field of education also with the introduction of "Education Tablets.

Since this technology is still in its startup, there are not many players or manufacturers providing education tablets. In India, Classteacher Learning System is the only company making education tablets called Classpad. But the way information technology and mobile technology has spread its reach in the past one decade, it is likely that in a couple of years these small wonders will turn heavy school bags into history and your child will carry only a tablet in his hand while going to school.

With the help of Education tablets such as classpad, we are giving a sort of wings or rocket boost to the grasping power of our students, which is eventually going to help in the process of evolution by making our new generation smarter and faster than the previous one. Said Nirupam Rajkumar Marketing Head, Classteacher Learning Systems.

Education Tablet

Education tablets are simple tablets, may be android or apple devices, which are loaded with programs and applications that are meant to be used for education purpose. Usually these devices also carry a set of programs that connect the user (students and teachers) to a cloud server which provides users with all the data, such as education resources, practice sheets, assessments, reports etc.

Today education tablets are being used by both parties of education system i.e. student and teacher; where the teacher use it for monitoring class and for teaching, students do all the learning practices through these devices, including homework and assessments.

Smart Education and Tablet

Technology makes us smarter. Every student has a different pace and understanding in each subject and topic, but a teacher cannot take care of everyone physically in a single class, it needs a great processing power on that teachers end.

Now with education tablets, teachers got that high processing power to teach. They can send tests, practice notes, assessments to all the students at once and can also access their pupils tablets to get instant information about their activities. They can also customise tests, notes, assignments etc. according to individual student's needs. So far it was for smart teacher, now lets switch to our smart students.

With these smart solutions students can take notes in the class as per their needs, he or she can also mark different parts of the lecture and can revise them as per his/her needs or put in query with their teacher. Education tablets are isolating books, which makes their bags much lighter in weight, which means less physical labor of dragging bag here to there, which will eventually give them more energy and time to study more and better.

Online modules and multimedia study material which had been proved to be more helpful in studies in various researches across the world are providing the sufficient edge to the smarter learning to your child.

Education tablets: Major Features

Cloud System

Cloud System better known as cloud computing offers a big server which transmits the data (such as videos, graphs, education notes, etc.) remotely to your devices through some network i.e. internet, wifi etc. To use this service you must have a device which has an interface to use the service and a proper username and password to get in the system, so that you can access such data.

Classroom Management

Classroom management is an important aspect of teaching, Classroom management solutions which are an essential part of education tablets, makes teacher and students lives much easier. It works like a bridge between the teacher and his students.

Classroom management solutions done miraculously great connecting shy students with their teacher, with the help of this platform a student now can ask his doubts from teacher over the device without any fear of being laughed at by other students. Better communication leads to better understanding and when used in a classroom it leads to better understanding of concepts being taught by the teacher.

Activity Based Learning for Smart Kids

Activity based learning stimulates the mind of a child, it doesnt give him the feel of studying, encouraging him for playing games or taking part in quiz or anything that makes him to feel that he is enjoying, which somehow books can never provide him. That is where education tablets fill the gap; these devices are so opulent with education apps and games, that they thoroughly engage a kid and he learn a lot of things while playing with such apps, without even realizing that he has been schooled Said Aruna Sharma from Chifro Studios, one of the leading edu apps developers in India.

There is plethora of apps, coming preloaded in education tablets, these apps encourages fun yet education activities; these fun activities are based on the topics being taught in the classroom, engages students in such a way that they literally gets involved without any feeling of getting bored (which they used to get with books).

There are games, quizzes, and various other programs that make your kids to take part in such activities and in the end the child ends up with much better grasp over the knowledge of such topics and subjects he was weak in.

By Nirupam Rajkumar, Marketing Head, Classteacher Learning Systems