Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Oct 6 2011, 08:14am hrs
Why waste an opportunity

A day after the Chetan Bhagat and NR Narayana Murthy face-off on the quality of IIT students and the relative merits of Infosys, Bhagat set social networking site Twitter aflutter with a series of statements purporting to be apologies, while at the same time promoting his soon-to-be-out book Revolution 2020. One tweet read: And if someone got hurt, well apologies. Some students got hurt too. Do remember that. Now - u know what Aarti did in Revolution 2020

Right after that: I dont need it. All is well. And I have to ship 500000 books by the weekend. Pls no distractions. All respects to NRN/IIT/Infy. Chill!

And finally: Oh and dear Infoscians, I am sorry. You r not a bodyshop. U just have hot bodies. Forgive me. I am an idiot sometimes. Now smile.

Given the attention the face-off drew, it probably made a lot of sense to convert it into a marketing opportunity. Even an Idiot, a Five Point Someone (someone with a five-point-something Grade Point Average out of ten) knows that.