Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Dec 28 2012, 06:31am hrs
Quick clarification

At a chance meeting with the PMs media advisor Pankaj Pachauri, Modi asked why he was tweeting that the results of the Gujarat polls were giving him and the BJP sleepless nights. Pachauri was quick to clarify that it was Modi who was giving sleepless nights to the government. Law minister Ashwani Kumar, meanwhile, ensured the media were treated wellwhen they were being herded out after the PMs speech, Kumar ensured they were allowed to remain inside. Kumar won more brownie points when he came to tell his friends in the media that Modi was coming out and that they could grab him for a byte.

Simple living

With work pressure increasing the blood pressure levels of the bureaucracy and the political class, someone in the government has decided to do something about it. Journalists found out just what when they tasted the food served during the NDC meeting. Not only were the food items less oily, they were also low on salt.

Loony tactics

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar took great care to avoid meeting Gujarat CM Narendra Modi at the National Development Council (NDC) meeting. Their paths, however, crossed as both happened to take a loo-break at the same time. Eyewitnesses say their eyes never met and they tried to get on with their business in different parts of the washroom. The two didnt leave together either, leaving shutterbugs whod followed them deeply disappointed. Modi, however, did his best to make it up to the mediaafter he came out from the main hall where the NDC meeting was taking place, he asked a print journalist where the electronic media was.