Written by The Financial Express | Updated: Dec 14 2012, 02:31am hrs
Longer wisdom teeth

At the Idea Exchange organised by the Express Group on Thursday, BJP MP Yashwant Sinha, reacting to frequent changes in the line ministries positions of various Bills, quipped: The governments wisdom tooth seems to getting bigger each day, so even after the Bill is submitted to the Standing Committees of Parliament, we keep seeing changes being made almost everyday.

We appreciate your silence

The minister of state for communications & IT, Dr Kruparani Killi, was profuse with her thanks to everyone who attended the inaugural session of India Telecom 2012 on Thursday. It began with, I would like to thank the PM I would like to thank the telecom minister I would like to thank the participants, and so on. In fact, she proceeded with at least a dozen thanks in her speech. However, as soon as she thanked the telecom secretary for sharing his knowledge, the puzzled secretary R Chandrasekhar looked around wondering which knowledge sharing was he being thanked for, because he never spoke a word throughout the session.