Eavesdropper: Owl or ullu

Updated: Jan 29 2014, 10:46am hrs
It is clear that RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan wants to break new ground, from policymaking to policy lingo and he has a supportive deputy on toe as well. So when posed with the cliched "hawk and dove" question, Rajan threw in a third element. "We are neither hawks nor doves. We are owls." Deputy governor Urjit Patel added that the bird is a symbol of wisdom and vigilance, which RBI also stands for.

But the nocturnal bird's wisdom tag is a rather Western one and in India, the bird is taken to be a dumb creatureso much so that an oft-used Hindi word for a fool is "ullu"the word for the bird in the language. One wonders, is the date of the next policy review, April 1the All Fools Day, is a coincidence.