Download Fukrey: Rooftop runner video game for free

Written by Priya Adivarekar | Mumbai | Updated: Nov 4 2013, 17:59pm hrs
Fukrey rooftop runnerThough Fukrey: Rooftop Runner makes for a decent endless runner game, the bugs prove to be the biggest turn off.
Months after the release of the runaway hit Fukrey, the makers of the film launched a game based on the film called Fukrey: Rooftop Runner. Joining the gang of some endless running games, Riva digital FZs offering gives the gamer a chance to play Hunny, the films lead character and join his quest in accumulating maximum amount of Rupex.

Just like the other games, the player has to move ahead while avoiding roof hurdles, houses and chasing cops. Tired of playing as Hunny Well, the gamer can also unlock four other characters from the film like Chucha and Bholi Punjaban, as each of them possess different advantages that impact the gameplay. But each character requires a specific challenge to overcome, in order to get unlocked. The challenges in the game are pretty interesting, and the difficulty level increases as you move ahead. The more you manage to run, the difficulty increases, testing the swiftness of the gamer. If the game destroys the obstacles faster, it will help increase the combo score and multiply the collected rupex to unlock new features. Likewise, by using the available Rupex, you can unlock special moves from the upgrades section like dashing the obstacles that come your way and unfolding a kite to fly for a short distance. The gamer can also enhance various game aspects with special packs like bonus durations or maybe buy an energy drink to run faster.

Running short of rupex, you dont mind spending some real cash for the game. Head to the shop, where you can buy a bag or suitcase full of rupex via in-app purchases, in order to accelerate the unlocking of new characters and upgrades at your own convenience. Want to know how you can earn specific rewards Head to the objectives tab for a list of objectives and keep an eye on your achievements as well. Now although Fukrey: Rooftop Runner makes for a decent endless runner game, the bugs prove to be the biggest turn off. No matter how good any game is, if it hangs and crashes way too often, then its not worth your time. Considering this is a fairly good game which will keep you entertained, the developers need to make a few improvements and solve this problem. On the graphics front, the developers have done a good job with the character animation. Overall, Fukrey: Rooftop Runner makes for a nice, free game to pass your time, minus the bugs.