Doing business sitting at home

Updated: Nov 13 2012, 02:21am hrs
Chaitanya Aggarwal

Multi-level marketing (MLM) has been quite a popular method of heightening trade for several decades now. It is said to have originated in the US as early as the 1940s. It allowed independent, non-salaried salespeople who became distributors representing the company to earn a commission on the volume of products through their own sales efforts and that of their downline organisation/distributors. The concept entered India post globalisation. And with the rise of internet usage, it has only grown. In fact, it has become one of the most powerful ways to do business while sitting at home.

In the fast-paced world of today, financial independence has become essential since it brings with it a sense of freedom, flexibility and a sense of self-worth. Modern women have embraced new ways to earn money. The corporate world and companies that are into the MLM business, too, have introduced new schemes for women to build their careers without overlooking other, especially domestic, responsibilities.

This means that housewives and people in need of an income source with limited resources have a profitable means of earning a livelihood. Without the constraints of a traditional office set-up, several women have found MLM to be a practical method of economic sustenance. As networkers, they can use or either sell the purchased products or the services of the parent company. As there are no wholesalers or retailers in the chain, the distributor can earn relatively higher commission on every sale.

To sum things up, MLM is reinventing the way India shops as well as how it conducts business, at the same time giving women an additional source of income.

The author is founder & CEO, Juvalia & You India. These are his personal views