Delhi tops with maximum burger consumers in India: Survey

Written by FE Online | Mumbai | Updated: May 30 2014, 00:45am hrs
Burger surveyThis was to compare the popularity of the hamburger in various cities across India.
Foodpanda, online food ordering platform in India conducted a study on how many burgers, customers ordered in one month. This was to compare the popularity of the hamburger in various cities across India. While Delhis consumption of burgers topped the chart at 31 per cent, Pune came close at 30 per cent followed by Mumbai at 21 per cent. Meanwhile, Gurgaon at five per cent, Bengaluru at three per cent and others at 10 per cent scored the lowest.

Widely known as the most beloved food of Americans, hamburgers actually got their name from Hamburg, a city in Northern Germany. To make meats more tender, Germans who immigrated to the United States would grind up the steak, which was named Hamburg steak and later changed to hamburger. From their first appearance in the early 1880s to the present day, they have been garnished and enriched in countless ways. Burgers have been embraced, integrated and attuned in every place they travelled.

Some record-breaking facts on burger

On average, Americans eat three burgers a week and about 14 billion burgers a year, which is enough to circle the earth 32 times.

The worlds largest burger was cooked and then eaten in 1982. About 10,000 people came to sample the record-breaking 3,591 pound burger in Rutland, North Dakota. The monument dedicated to it with the slogan 'Pride of the Prairie' is the actual grill top used to cook it.

The most expensive burger was the US$ 10,000 anniversary burger. It was sold for charity, and featured Wagyu beef, truffles, and 24-karat gold leaf.

Today without a doubt one can create his own unbeatable burger. Elvis Presley loved cheeseburgers and added peanuts to them and would eat up to eight in one go. You could debate the best kind of cheese to put on a cheeseburger. You could change your usual bun to an Italian ciabatta.