Cupful Of Good News: Coffee Cures And How

Updated: Dec 26 2003, 05:30am hrs
If you are the kind staying away from doctors even when ill for fear of swallowing bitter pills, here is something hot: they might just start offering you a steaming cup of coffee instead.

Did you know that two to four cups of fresh coffee every day can bring down the incidence of colon cancer by 25 per cent and Parkinsons disease by 50 to 80 per cent Or that it can help reduce an asthma attack if you cannot get medication immediately These are some of the results of studies done by Mayo Clinic, Harvard School of Public Health and Institute for Coffee Studies in Vanderbilt.

The Coffee Board of India is now planning a seminar. Domestic consumption is seen as a growth driver for the survival of the industry, which has been hit in export markets by global oversupply.

Speaking to FE, Coffee Board chairperson Ms Lakshmi Venkatachalam said, we are planning a National Conference on Coffee and Health with an aim to spread the health benefits of coffee to the medical fraternity in India.

A resource group has been set up by Coffee Board to organise a conference in February 2004. Illycafe chief Ernesto Illy is expected to give the keynote address, and Prof Peter Martin, director of the Institute of Coffee Studies, part of Vanderbilt University, Ms Astrid Nehlig who has done research on coffee and central nervous sytem from Strassbourg and Ms Florence Rosellini from SNICC, French Industrial Roasters Association, are expected to make presentations.

The SNICC, which includes Nestle and Sara Lee, is expected to share its experience in India.

Despite the fact that there have been around 19,000 research studies globally on coffee, the ones that became popular were more on the adverse effects of caffeine.

One would be surprised to find out that caffeine content in coffee (40 milligram in a cup) is more or less the same compared to beverages like cola, tea, energy drinks etc. A 100 gm dark chocolate bar has 100 milligram of caffeine!. Five to six cups of coffee daily is harmless and has antioxidant properties. It delays fatigue, is an anti-depressant and performance enhancer. Even USFDA has declared coffee as a safe drink. So what are we waiting for Lets start our day with a steaming hot cuppa and get going!