Country will be "ruined" if Narendra Modi comes to power: Mamata Banerjee

Written by PTI | Kolkata | Updated: Apr 29 2014, 03:51am hrs
Unleashing a vicious attack on Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today said the country will be "ruined" if he comes to power and alleged that the "architect" of Gujarat riots will drench West Bengal in an "ocean of blood".

The offensive against the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate came even as the ruling TMC demanded a public apology from him for doubting the integrity of Banerjee over the sale of her painting, a day after the ruling party slammed him as "Butcher of Gujarat".

Rebutting the charge by her Gujarat counterpart that she had done more damage to West Bengal in 35 months of rule than the Left Front in 35 years, Banerjee also said that she did not need 'gyan' on development from the "architect of riots".

"If he comes to power, India will plunge into darkness. We do not need gyan (lecture) on development from the architect of riots," Banerjee, the Trinamool Congress supremo, said on Twitter, in signs that TMC may not forge any post-poll alliance with BJP.

"The man who is being projected as PM candidate, if he comes to power, India will be ruined." she added.

Accusing Modi of practicing divisive politics, the TMC chief also alleged that he was trying to divide 'Bengalis and Hindustanis'. "He is saying all this on Bengal's soil and spreading hatred."

"We love Biharis like brothers and sisters. We offer Chhat puja. It is our government which has declared a holiday on Chhat puja. Do not try to import your brand of politics of caste and creed into Bengal."

"Mr Modi wants to divide Bengalis and non-Bengalis. This is deplorable. This is nonsense.

"What does he want After drenching Gujarat in a river of blood does he wants to drench Bengal in an ocean of blood," Banerjee told reporters. "Those who lead the nation have to love all the communities and take care of them".

On Modi's allegation she was indulging in vote bank politics ignoring non-Bengalis and laying the red carpet for Bangladeshis, Banerjee said he did not know history.

Banerjee also claimed that it would be 'nightmarish' if Modi became PM and accused the media of giving such a projection.

"We are staring at a nightmarish dream as the person is being projected by you (media) as the PM of the country. If he becomes the PM, it is nation's misfortune and dark days will be ushered in," Banerjee said.