Confidence all round

Written by Samudra Gupta Kashyap | Updated: Apr 5 2011, 09:04am hrs
Samudra Gupta Kashyap captures the mood in opposing camps as Assam goes into the first phase of polls

Tarun Gogoi


Constituency: Titabor (Voted Monday)

On result: The Congress will win more seats than it did in 2006 and form the next government on its own. The AGP and the BJP are not even sure how many seats they will win.

On govt: In the past 10 years we have been able to change the mindset of the Assamese people from negative to positive. People today do not have the fear of a bleak future

On ULFA: Govt brought ULFA to peace talks. Yes, one faction is still left out, but I have still kept our doors open for Paresh Barua

Prafulla Kumar



Constituencies: Barhampur and


On poll: The next government will be a non-Congress one headed by AGP. We might get a clear majority too. But even than we will take along with us several smaller regional parties.

On govt: The people are now yearning for a change. Ten years is too long a period they have given to Tarun Gogoi and his Congress. And, look at the infighting in the Congress. Several senior leaders including a former CM have quit

On ULFA: It is good that chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa has come forward for talks. But

Gogoi could have taken the process in a fruitful line had he brought both Rajkhowa and Paresh Barua together.