Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs LG G3

Written by PriceDekho | New Delhi | Updated: Aug 1 2014, 23:12pm hrs
SamsungBoth the smartphones are made up of plastic but G3 comes with a metallic skin, which gives it a sophisticated look.
Two South Korean tech giants, LG and Samsung, have launched their flagship smartphones and are up against one another to prove their supremacy. As Samsung has a greater presence in the market, it is expected that its product will get greater mileage - it has almost been a month since Galaxy S5 has been available in the market. LG G3 has been launched recently in just six cities across the world and will take some time to be available worldwide. Latest Android smartphones are flying off the shelves and LGs flagship device is certainly going to give serious competition to Galaxy S5.

Check out the pros and cons of Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3:

Design and Display

Both the smartphones are made up of plastic but G3 comes with a metallic skin, which gives it a sophisticated look. Galaxy S5, on the other hand, has perforated texture of faux leather, which gives it a better grip. LG mobile has a floating arc design, where the arc is based upon ideal radius, which in turn aids in holding the phone comfortably. Display size of the phone is 5.5-inch with thin bezel, making the screen look bigger than other high-end smartphones. G3 has simple and flat graphics, mature feeling colors, and Circle Graphic Motif. There are no keys on the side but a key at the back has been retained and enlarged, thus meeting the style with substance. One of the most welcoming changes in Samsung Galaxy S5 is the shift from the usual glossy plastic to polycarbonate perforated back. It also looks good but if we have to give a verdict, LG is slightly ahead of its peer.

While Samsung Galaxy S5 has 5.1-inch display, LG G3 comes with a 5.5-inch one. The latter handset makes better use of space in the front than the former one. Though both have narrow bezels, G3 has far less bezel than S5, both at the top and bottom of screen. While virtual buttons occupy a little bit of display screen at the LG smartphone, navigation keys in S5 sit below the screen. Therefore, in Samsung mobile, the entire screen is free for content and apps. LG G3 is slightly bigger in size and heavier with dimensions of 146.3mm x 74.6mm x 8.9mm and 149gms weight in comparison to 142mm x 72.5mm x 8.1mm size and 145gms weight of Samsung Galaxy S5.

One of the most advantageous points in G3 is the screen resolution. It comes with Quad HD display, where the resolution is 2560 x 1440 pixels with a pixel density of 538ppi. However, S5 comes with just Full HD display where the resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels and the pixel density is 432ppi. Therefore, LGs device has around twice the resolution as well as screen density than that of Samsung Galaxy S5.

Processor and Software Platform

LG G3 and LTE variant of Samsung Galaxy S5 are powered by a strong quad-core processor clocked at a speed of 2.5GHz. Chipset in both the handsets are Qualcomm Snapdragon 801. However, it has also been reported that G3 may also come with Snapdragon 805 processor, once Qualcomm releases it. However, for now it seems LG will stick to Snapdragon 801, similar to that of Galaxy S5. Both the flagship smartphones run on the latest Android 4.4 (KitKat) OS that enables users to enjoy more features than many others.

If we talk about Indian version of Galaxy S5, then in lieu of quad-core Snapdragon 801 CPU, the handset bears 1.9GHz (quad-core) + 1.3GHz (quad-core) octa-core Exynos 5 Octa processor. The processor comes with HMP (Heterogeneous Multi-Processing) that enables all the cores to run simultaneously, but it eats lot of battery, in turn. LG G3 with its Snapdragon 801 processor delivers faster performance without draining the battery much.

Storage and RAM

There are two variants of LG G3 as well as Samsung Galaxy S5, based upon internal storage capacity. While one variant comes with 16GB ROM, another variant has 32GB ROM. In case of G3, the 16GB variant comes with 2GB RAM and the 32GB model comes with 3GB RAM. Storage space can be expanded in both the smartphones with the help of microSDXC slot that expands the external memory up to a massive extent of 128GB.


LG and Samsung, both, have taken good care of the camera features and sensors. While Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a 16MP rear camera, LG comes with 13MP snapper. However, there are some cutting edge additional features that make the camera in G3 worthy than any other camera phone. It not only comes with Laser Auto Focus (which focuses within 0.276 of a second, even before you blink), but also with Optical Image Stabilization Plus feature that improves camera shake compensation by 20%; and Touch The Screen Click technology that helps in instant image capturing.

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera also delivers good performance but the Camera app is bit slow, which can make you miss some of the crucial shots you want to capture. One of the features that we liked in the Samsung device is the ability of altering focus point once an image has been captured. Most of the images clicked from S5's camera are sharp and nice and are one of the best we have seen in recent times. However, few images might turn out to be blurry, but this can be prevented with the help of Touch & Shoot mode and advanced optical image stabilization.

It is noted that images taken through the camera of G3 are very sharp, especially the ones captured at low light conditions. While G3 has a 2.1MP front faced camera, S5 has 2MP one. Some of the additional features that make selfies taken through G3s secondary camera unbeatable are enlargement of image sensor and increased number of lenses.


LG has always pleased its audience with great audio quality. Now, it has simply improved its performance by leaps and bounds. G3 not only comes with 24bit/192kHz audio playback but also with speaker of 1 Watt along with booster AMP, providing excellent audio quality. Samsung, on the other hand, does not provide its users with high resolution audio facility and the audio quality is only average. However, Galaxy S5 does come with great audio additional features such as SoundAlive EQ presets, Adapt Sound and Smart Volume.


Both the handsets are packed with the latest Internet and data connectivity options, which include 4G LTE (G3 users will get LTE Advanced), dual-band Wi-Fi (802.11ac), NFC, GPS and Bluetooth v4.0. In S5, users will get Download Booster technology called MIMO, which combines the powers of Wi-Fi (802.11ac) and 4G LTE to download at the speed of 400Mb/s (theoretical speed though). Unfortunately, the LTE version of Galaxy S5 is not available in India, which gives LG G3 an upper hand.

Additional Features

LG G3 as well as Samsung Galaxy S5 come with some interesting and important additional features that increases the usability of the respective smartphones.

Samsung smartphone is IP67 certified which makes it water and dust resistant, thus enabling the user to keep it under water (up to 1 meter or 3.3 feet) for half an hour. Two other additional features available here are Finger Print Scanner and Heart Rate Monitor.

LG G3 comes with improved features that make this high-end droid better than the rest in terms of usability and simplicity. Smart Notice options in the device works as a personal assistant that reminds about forgotten call back, gives suggestion like if you need to take an umbrella while moving out and many more. Some other interesting and useful features include hassle free wireless charging, adjustable and smart QWERTY keyboard that provides speedy typing and accuracy and Knock Code among others.

Battery Life

Battery capacity (on paper) in G3 is definitely more than that of Samsungs flagship device 3,000mAh over 2,800mAh. However, LG mobile come with Quad HD display that has higher screen resolution, pixel density, and twice as many sub pixels than any Full HD screen. These advanced features will drain the battery quickly. However, LG has incorporated cutting edge technologies to deal with the issue such as adaptive timing control, adaptive clocking and adaptive frame rates. However, a final verdict cannot be given, as it is not available in the market for more testing.

S5, on the other hand, comes with Ultra Power Saving mode that saves power by shutting down all the unnecessary functions. This mode converts the display into a black & white one and makes available only the important apps for accessing like messaging, email, etc. This Ultra Power Saving mode will make your 10% battery to last for another 24 hours, which is simply amazing. With a single charge, the battery will last for around 2 days on normal usage in Samsung Galaxy S5.