Choosing commerce and maths in class XI opens up career avenues

Updated: Jul 21 2008, 07:54am hrs

I am in class XI in the commerce stream and mathematics as an elective. Which career paths can I explore in the future and from where


BCom with Chartered Accountancy or BCom with Cost & Works Accountancy or Company Secretary courses with BCom are typical choices for students completing class XII commerce. You can also apply for BStat/ BMath to explore the option of higher studies and related career opportunities in these subjects. After class XII you can also apply for the five-year, integrated law degree course or take up hotel management (if you have the right attitude and aptitude), or pursue a fine art or design course if you have artistic aptitude. You can also opt for BBA/equivalent course, but keep in mind that it is the MBA, which is the professional course. Similarly, you may take up Bachelor of Computer Applications right after class XII commerce with mathematics and then do MCA or do MCA right after graduation. There is also the choice of a Bachelor of Financial & Investment Analysis (Delhi University), or Bachelor of Mass Media at various universities. You may switch to arts with economics and mathematics or allied combination of subjects keeping MA Economics or MBA in mind for your post-graduate studies.


I have completed BSc with mathematics and chemistry. I would like to know about the career options available besides MBA and MCA.


You can pursue MSc in the subject in which you are more proficient. It would normally lead to research or research-oriented jobs or try for faculty positions in universities and colleges. Alternative choices could be the three-year LLB or the two-year, post-graduate programme in hospital administration, pharmaceutical management, biotech management, or post-graduate programmes in plastic technology, packaging technology, medical laboratory technology, BE Fire Engineering at National Fire Service College Nagpur (if you fulfil all eligibility criteria), or you can pursue cinematography, film editing, journalism, mass communication, event management, public relations, advertising, social work, library and information science or BEd depending upon your interests, ability and personality skills. You may apply for the various competitive examinations leading to jobs, such as those conducted by the UPSC ( for graduates, or the exams by the Staff Selection Commission ( or state administrative services through the examinations by the State Public Service Commissions, or the Probationary Officers examination for recruitment in the public sector banks. This broad overview should help you to look beyond the obvious. If you follow the newspapers, you would not miss the relevant notifications.


I have secured a good rank in the BPharm entrance examination. I am also interested in the management field. From the point of view of placement prospects, would it be better to do BBA and then MBA or BPharm


Graduation in pharmacy would provide you with a clear professional qualification. You would not only be able to seek employment in the field of pharmaceutical science but also seek to diversify into MBA, law, and hospital management. As a pharmacy graduate, you would also be eligible for MBA programmes like MBA biotech, MBA pharmaceutical management, or allied opportunities. If you are comfortable and confident about doing BPharm, go ahead, it will keep more options open.


I am a plus-two student with physics, chemistry, mathematics and computers as an elective. I am preparing for IIT-JEE. When is the right time to fill up the IIT-JEE and AIEEE forms Can you also tell me about other engineering entrance examinations


The IIT-JEE notification usually appears in November, though the date of the exam may be announced earlier. Forms are available in December. The AIEEE forms are also available in December. This is as per the schedule followed for IIT-JEE 2008 and AIEEE 2008. Notification of BITSAT and other national level exams usually follows the above examination notifications.

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