Chinese prez defends new economic reforms

Written by PTI | Beijing | Updated: Nov 17 2013, 08:45am hrs
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday defended the new economic reforms providing decisive role for markets and private capital, saying only reform and opening-up can develop China, socialism and Marxism.

Persistent reforms and opening-up have deeply changed the image of China, its people and the ruling Communist Party, enabling the country to become a significant member of the international community, Xi said. "Only socialism can save China, and only reform and opening-up can develop China, socialism and Marxism," Xi said defending the social and economic refor-ms approved by the 376-me-mber central committee earlier this week.

Xi highlighted the importance of the path shown by father of reforms in China, Deng Xiaoping, who succeeded Mao Zedong and altered the party's ideology by merging capitalist economy within the socialist political framework.

Except for deepening reforms, there is no other way to dissolve risks and challenges and show the advantage of socialism with Chinese characteristics, state-run Xinhua agency quoted Xi as saying.

"Reform and opening-up will decide the destiny of modern China. It is also the key to realising the dream of national rejuvenation," said Xi, who is now being projected as 'New Deng' by observers.

Earlier this week, a new "wave of reforms" were unveiled to give the market a "decisive role" in the allocation of resources while retaining the public sector's dominance in China in a bid to arrest sliding growth of the world's second largest economy. Billed as the big ticket reforms, building on the first package announced in 1978 after the end of the Mao Zedong-era, the top lea-dership approved the refor-ms aimed at halting the slowdown of country's economy, which slipped from double digit growth rates to around 7% in the last two years.