China tops fake goods supply to EU

Written by Agencies | London | Updated: Jul 12 2009, 22:02pm hrs
Seizures of counterfeit goods being smuggled into the European Union (EU) more than doubled last year with China being the main source of fake goods and India the prime supplier of spurious medicines.

EU customs authorities across the 27-member states seized 178 million fake items in 2008, up 125 per cent from 79 million in 2007, said the European Commission.

Pirated DVDs and CDs were the most prevalent fake goods, with 79 million disks detained, 44 per cent of all items.

They were followed by cigarettes, 23 per cent of the total, and clothing, at 10 per cent.

Pirate DVDs also posted the biggest single increase in annual seizures, increasing by 2,600 per cent compared with 2007, BBC reported.

Meanwhile, seizures of counterfeit medicines rose 118 per cent, while those of fake cigarettes increased by 54 per cent.

The European Commission said China remained the main source of counterfeit goods coming into the EU, accounting for 54 per cent of the total in 2008.

However, Indonesia was the biggest source of fake food and drink products, while the United Arab Emirates was the main source of counterfeit cigarettes.

Most fake medicines came from India, the report said.

Viagra, an erectile dysfunction drug, is the most popular counterfeit medicine. Anti-cholesterol, anti-osteoporosis or medicines to control high blood pressure are also widely faked, the EU said.