bSafe: An app to calm the nerves of mothers

Written by Muhammad Zulqarnain Zulfi | New Delhi | Updated: May 12 2014, 15:03pm hrs
BsafeWhen the SOS button is pressed, a ten-second video will be recorded to document any crime being committed.
There are new apps that help parents keep track of their children 24/7 and provides an alarm in case of an emergency. One of them is bSafe, which creates a network of friends and family who can help keep you safe when traveling alone. bSafe is the brainchild of Silje Vallestads, a mom who was concerned about the safety of her daughter. She developed the app to keep track of her daughter and provide her an alarm to trigger in case of an emergency.

Getting Started

Bsafe App

Creating an account is the first step to ensuring your safety, although you will be glad to hear that the registration process is quick and painless, requiring only your name, country, cellphone number, email address and password.

Once an account is created, you are ready to add guardians, or people who the app can contact in case of an emergency. Each person assigned as a guardian will receive an SMS text message notifying them of their role, and encouraging them to sign up for bSafe too.

Bsafe App

Basic Features

The free version has limited functions, but it can potentially save your life as it includes an SOS button that will notify your guardians that you need help and provide them your exact location. You can also test the app to see if it is working.

Bsafe App

Im Here

Bsafe App

Once youve reached your destination, tapping the Im Here button will display your location on the map and notify your guardians of your safe arrival. You can also remove people from the list if you don't want to notify all of them.

Follow Me

Bsafe App

Guardians can track your every move via live GPS when the Follow Me option is activated. They will be sent a message containing a link to a map where they can follow your journey. Follow Me can also sound an alarm if you do not reach your specified destination within a certain timeframe, with a countdown displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Fake Call

Bsafe App

Tapping the Fake Call button will enable you to initiate a fake call, ringing any time from now or ten minutes in the future. You can assign a name to the call to make it look realistic, and it will appear on your iPhone just like any normal phone call would. This feature can help you get out of tricky situations.


When the SOS button is pressed, a ten-second video will be recorded to document any crime being committed.


BSafe is incredibly simple to navigate and easily accessible in an emergency, which, of course, is of the upmost importance. Situated on the Home screen are five buttons, each one large in size for ease of use. We liked the fact that the whole design is magnified larger than your average app interface as you can press the SOS button without actually looking at your iPhone, which is great if you do not wish to draw attention.

Bsafe App