Bollywood jobs: Suzana Rodrigues

Written by Priya Adivarekar | Mumbai | Updated: Oct 12 2013, 23:58pm hrs
Brazilian model Suzana Rodrigues talks about her debut film Warning 3D and how she gave up law to pursue her acting dreams

Launch vehicle

My debut film Warning 3D, which released last week, is a tale of survival. The film was shot underwater and the story is about a group of friends who are together since school. They plan a reunion and meet in Fiji for a get together on a yacht. Everyone is having fun and they decide to take a dive into the ocean, but forget to put the ladder of the yacht down. As a result, they are stuck inside the water and one by one, all of them get attacked by various elements (shark, cold water, climatic conditions among others). I play a French girl named Jenny, who loves to eat, drink and be merry. She is someone who believes in living life to the fullest. She is extremely sweet and innocent, but very sensuous and hot at the same time.

Casting coup

I was in England for a modeling project and landed in India with a three month contract. After coming here, I was asked to audition for a couple of commercials. I did some advertisements for brands like Vatika Shampoo, Santoor facewash among others. Thats when I was called to audition for a film, where most of the actors were already locked. I was asked to enact a scene where I had to cook and sing a French song. Later, there was a scene where I had to show how I would react in a situation where I am scared. A look test was also taken with my co-stars and I was finally told that I am on board. I did a few workshops with the team, including swimming lessons, where we were asked to stay in the water for long hours and make our body used to it.

Stepping stone

I was born and brought up in Rio Di Janeiro. I have always been a fan of television shows. I was in 11th grade when I was approached by a local modeling agency. I was a bit reluctant, but my mom asked me to give it a try. I started training under them and got a lot of projects. I kept working on my modelling assignments in different countries while studying law. I gave up studies in the third year as I started getting interested in acting. I got my degree in acting from Brazil and went on to do several television shows and commercials.

First shot

I was a little nervous on the first day, but as I had faced the camera before, things were a little smooth. The opening shot has me taking a shower and I had to wear a bikini for the same. It is a very sensuous shot, as my character is introduced here. It is pretty normal to deal with butterflies in the stomach on the first day of shoot.

Stumbling blocks

Shooting underwater was the biggest stumbling block, as we had to deal with a lot of problems. A doctor was always around to check our blood pressure and body temperature. One day, I finished shooting for a crucial shot and collapsed. But, I resumed shooting the next day.

The takeaway

Post this film, my confidence has definitely increased manifolds. Being a model was all okay, but acting in front of the camera was a step ahead. There was a lot to learn from everyone on the sets.

Role model

I look up to Johnny Depp and Aamir Khan, because they get into the skin of their character and always manage to ace their work.

Upcoming projects

As of now, I will be staying in India. I have signed a couple of projects, but I am not allowed to talk about it. Apart from films, I will be doing some commercials as well.