Big Blue To Focus On Server Consolidation

Mumbai: | Updated: Mar 5 2002, 05:30am hrs
IBM is taking serious note of the return on investment (RoI) mantra that businesses deploying IT are chanting today. “Server consolidation will be a big focus for IBM in 2002,” said IBM vice-president and Business Line Executive (xSeries High Performance Servers) Deepak Advani. Server consolidation is the ability to combine lots of servers so that all computing done by them is achieved through a single large server.

“A huge percentage of the cost of ownership includes the administrative cost, power consumption and floor space. Cost of downtime too forms a huge component of the cost of acquisition of servers. The value proposition of server consolidation is that it dramatically reduces the cost of ownership and this is the number one reason for its popularity in today’s economic environment,” said Mr Advani.

IBM is using Linux and its own ‘futuristic’ technologies in its servers to deliver solutions that are helping customers manage the complexity in their IT infrastructure and derive a significant return on their IT investments.

IBM provides solutions like the Linux-only servers: an IBM eServer zSeries capable of consolidating anywhere between 20 to hundreds of Sun and Intel servers, bringing down the mainframe’s total cost of ownership. The company has set up a SWOT team for the xSeries that delivers proposals free of charge for simple server consolidation and for more complex consolidation, the company has a methodology called ‘align’. It factors in a complex heterogenous environment and proposes the best server consolidation and quantifies the business benefits.

One of the issues in server consolidation is reliability, which is also being addressed by IBM. Mr Advani said that there had been a lot of innovation for the ‘X’ architecture, which brings the mainframe features to the Intel server.