Bewakoofiyaan: Short movie review

Written by Shubhra Gupta | New Delhi | Updated: Mar 15 2014, 16:27pm hrs
BewakoofiyaanBewakoofiyaan, starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Sonam Kapoor, seems more like a show reel for a slew of brands than anything else.
Bewakoofiyaan: Short movie review

DIRECTOR: Nupur Asthana

Cast: Ayushmann Khurrana, Sonam Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor

Rating: *

Mohit is a pink-slipped MBA looking for a job. Myra is his girlfriend with an eye for designer footwear. And Bewakoofiyaan is an unfortunate title in search of a film.

This one could also have been called, How to knit a grim subject like recession in a frothy Yashraj rom com and not go anywhere with it. Losing a job can be a bummer. Ambitious airline executive Mohit Chaddha (Khurrana) starts getting shaky in the love department as soon as he goes down in the employment stakes. How will Myra handle it More importantly, how will her father

This plot point could have led the film into exploring the tricky terrain of joblessness, gender expectations, and rocky relationships. Done well, it could have been revealing and rewarding: how does a guy feel when his girl gives him a hand-out; how does a girl feel when she has to keep doing it and not let him feel like a loser But Bewakoofiyaan spends most of its time trying to showcase a slew of brands, to get us to smile at the antics of the father of the bride which are singularly unfunny, and to convince us that its leading lady can helm an entire film.

VK Sehgal (Rishi Kapoor) is an about-to-retire senior Dilli babu with a regulation white Ambi, and the habit of throwing about the names of the higher-ups he knows. He also treats his daughter Myra (Sonam), all grown up and gainfully employed, like a twit who isnt capable of knowing her mind about whom she should spend the rest of her life with. The fellow has to prove himself, he thunders, like a heavy-handed baap from an old style ma-pitaji film.

If love is indeed all you need, and that is presumably why these two got together in the first place, then why all this blather Is Myra the shoe-hound and the lover of expensive rock concerts the kind of girl who only wants her boyfriends credit card Is Mohit an arrogant jerk who has to be taught some hard lessons before he comes to heel These ideas, and their predictable resolutions, float around confusedly in a meandering story.

Sonam is one of the few Bollywood denizens who wears her clothes beautifully, and doesnt let them wear her. Her elegantly-assembled outfits are a joy. But acting is a whole different thing. Neither the veteran Kapoor nor the couple- of-films-old Khurrana manage to lift off the screen: they are as flat as the film, which seems more like a show reel for a slew of brands than anything else.