Best gadgets for travellers

Updated: May 19 2014, 01:32am hrs
A recent survey by a global travel search site reveals some of the strange complaints which have been made to hotel staff. Travel search engine Skyscanner questioned 400 global hotel workers to make up its list of the top ten strange complaints and fussy demands...

Most unusual requests revealed by hotel staff

* One glass of water every hour, throughout the night

* 15 cucumbers a day

* Toilet to be filled with mineral water

* Bath of honey

* Sound of goat bells to aid sleep

* Only the right legs of a chicken

* Bath of chocolate milk

* 16 pillows (for single guest)

* Crocodile soup

Most unusual complaints

* The sheets are too white

* Ice cream too cold

* Bath was too big

* Guests dog didnt enjoy stay

* Hotel had no ocean view (in Mayfair, London)

* There was no steak on vegetarian menu

* Waiter was too handsome

FilLip Childtracker

One of the big problems for families out on vacation is keeping track of children, especially in crowded tourist places where its easy to get lost in the crowds. There are also parents who like to do their own thing and let the kids enjoy themselves in amusement parks or entertainment centres, but theres always the lingering dread of what they are up to and whether they are safe. Giving them a mobile phone was one option, but phones can get lost and it comes with the hassle of making frequent calls to check on status. FilLIP Technologies, Inc, may have the ideal answer, They have come up with a colourful device that is worn on the wrist and can be used to call, text or locate children. Parents can pre-program five phone numbers into what is basically a wearable GSM cell phone. FiLIP also includes GPS, GSM cell tower location and Wi-Fi hotspot triangulation capabilities to keep tabs on the watchs location whether its indoors or outside. Parents can track their childs movement via an app on their own smartphone.

Canon N100

Heres the selfie of all selfies. The Canon N100 comes with an amazing dual camera mode which allows the user to shoot images using the front and rear cameras simultaneously, and then, with a flick of the finger, you can insert your selfie into the final picture. It comes with a story highlights mode, which automatically compiles a chronological collection of your images and video. The bigger sensor means higher-quality images, and a pivoting screen allows both overhead and underhand shooting.

Samsung Galaxy NotePro Tablet

Newly launched, this comes with a massive 12.2-inch screenbigger than even the iPad Airs 9.7-inch screen. The NotePro is ideal for watching movies on long flights and other modes of entertainment. It's almost the size of a laptop, and the bigger screen offers more space for writing down vacation plans and itinerary with the S Pen that comes

Sony FDR-AX100 4K Handycam Camcorder

This is touted as the the worlds first handheld consumer camcorder that shoots in 4K, the current top-of-the-line standard in televisions. Its normally called ultra-high definition television and boasts four times the resolution of HD. That means even more realistic detail in those grand panorama shots on your vacations whether viewed on Vimeo or a 50-inch-plus TV.

The Navigate Jacket

Coming soon to a store near you, a jacket that helps guide you to your destination. Most people use a GPS device but this is both smart and convenient. A company called Wearable Experiments have demonstrated their Navigate Jacket at technology shows and will be commercially launched shortly, possibly next month. The jacket comes with an embedded GPS and uses LED guide lights and haptic feedback to convey directions to its wearer. Strips of LEDs along the sleeves convey information such as distance to the next turn whereas vibrations in one sleeve or the other would tell you which direction to turn. A smartphone app uploads these instructions to the jacket, and the wearer. The fact that it has also been shown at international fashion shows suggests that its as smart in looks as it is in technology.

Mophie Space Pack

This is Mophies latest and essential addition to your travel gadgets. It not only doubles the battery life of your smartphone, it also doubles the data storage, creating enough space for all your media, whether movies and music for that 19-hour flight to Las Vegas or all your vacation photos.

with the NotePro; as well as multi-window, which lets you work on four different apps at the same time.