Best Friends

Written by Anushree Chandran | Updated: Nov 12 2013, 08:35am hrs
Campaign: IDBI kids Fat boy


Company : IDBI Bank Ltd

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather India

The Campaign

The ad film features a little boy and a little girl, sitting on top of a school bench. They are dressed in green sweaters and ties, typical of Delhi mainstream schools. The boy isplump and he tells the girl that everyone in school calls him motu (fatso). Even at his tuitions and at the playground, people call him motu, he complains, but says that his best friend seated next to him doesnt. As he finishes his story, music plays in the background and his friend asks him what he had for lunch. Matar Paneer, he quips. Theirfriendly exchange continues even as a voice-over signs off saying, Aisi dosti agar ek bank nibhaye toh IDBI Bank, bank aisa dost jaisa.

Our Take

Havent we all been there before A childhood where all the little things are the big things. Classmates who tag you with cruel nicknames and then a best friend who magicallycomes along and helps you fight your battles. A friend who lends balm, for all the slights and insults heaped on by the world. We have all been there and done that. The IDBI advert works because it takes you through the lanes of childhood again. The bond between the kids is a beautiful metaphor for the kind of bond that IDBI would like to forge with its customers. The casting is spot on and the film is short, crisp and believable.

We are living in times of great volatility when peoples trust in financial institutions is at its lowest ebb. The vast majority of the people are not sure if their bank is transparent and if it is looking out for their interests. Others are overwhelmed by the huge stature and size of some of the national banks, and would consider their money safer under their mattresses. Therefore, IDBIs advert conveys the right message and at the right time. When the world is against you, I am here on your side. You can rely on me in bad times. You can trust me with your lifetimes savings. It is absolutely the right tack to take. Hits home, and also hits at the sweet spot, thanks to the children. Ads featuring kids seldom fail in their mission. The susceptibility of adults to kids advertising, explains why most brands portray these little masters. The ad takes a simple concept like friendship to convey the brand attributes and positioning. While other bank commercials ham at the low interest rates, etc,, this one speaks to the heart. It stands out in a long train of predictable adverts and delivers all the way. The ad is part of a series (of adverts) done on the Bank Aisa Dost Jaisa ad line. Each of the films features kids in pairs, with one of them explaining why the other is his or her best friend. The ads are a novel way of getting in new customers and highlighting the trust factor.