Bajaj Is The Best Brand In Ceiling Fans, Says Survey

Updated: May 12 2002, 05:30am hrs
Bajaj has emerged as the best buy in a survey of ceiling fans conducted by VOICE, a Delhi-based consumer nonprofit. Bajaj excelled in parameters like design and general construction, safety requirements, air delivery, high voltage test, leakage current, suspension system, mechanical strength and endurance for regulators. The runner-up was Crompton Greaves, followed by Usha and Khaitan.

VOICE conducted a comparative survey covering 160 outlets in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Calcutta. Of a total of 56 brands of ceiling fans (both from the organised and the unorganised sector) being sold in the four regions, VOICE tested 10 brands of 1,200 mm, 3-blade type ceiling fans in accordance with the specification laid down by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The brands tested were Alstom’s Whispair, Bajaj’s Grace, DHS’ Cinni 2000, Crompton Greaves’ Speed Fan, Khaitan’s Magnate, MIE’s 484, Orient’s PSPO-Summer King, Ortem’s Economy, Polar’s Alpha White, and Usha’s Astra. (for details see

All the fans fared well in the air delivery parameter. All of the tested brands met the mechanical endurance test for regulators. And all brand regulators withstood the sturdy test and offer good protection against electric shocks.

Nevertheless, the survey found all the brands to be power guzzlers. The fans were low on energy efficiency and none of the fans conformed to maximum power input level of 55w as specified by BIS. The power input varied from 68w to 88w for all brands, exerting an indirect monetary cost on consumers in terms of higher electric consumption. While Bajaj fans had high power input value of 80w, Crompton Greaves did relatively better with a power input of 76w. Khaitan had the lowest power input at 68w, and Polar consumed the most power at 88w.

Besides, Orient and Usha did not have a good insulation resistance with respect to the fan motor. Alstom and MIE did not meet the requirements on the specifications of fan regulators. Usha, Khaitan, Orient, Alstom, Cinni and MIE regulators were not speedy.

Only Crompton Greaves provides an additional safety cable for mechanical holding in addition to the required inventory.

In the overall inventory evaluation, Orient and Polar scored the highest whereas Ortem got the lowest score.

And none of the brands provides complete information on the fan marking.

Sums up Professor Sri Ram Khanna, honorary managing trustee of VOICE: ‘‘None of the fans is energy efficient and that causes a major drain on electricity. The government should impose mandatory energy labelling on ceiling fans and other electrical appliances as an energy conservation measure.”