Bajaj Feud Turns Bitter

Updated: Dec 16 2002, 05:30am hrs
The Bajaj family feud has gone so far that the two factions led by Rahul and Shishir are avoiding each other even at social events. At a recent party to celebrate the arrival of Kushagra Bajajs daughter, Anandmaya, the entire Rahul faction including Shekhar and Niraj were conspicuous by their absence. The party was held at one of Mumbais uptown five star hotels.

Kushagra is married to Kumarmangalam Birlas sister Vasavdatta. And Mr Birlas wife comes from the Kasliwal family. So, while the Birlas and the Kasliwals were present in huge numbers at the party, the absence of the Bajajs was felt. The only representative, apart from Kushagras father Shishir, was one of the Bajaj sisters.

With the two factions sticking to their guns, it seems most unlikely that Kushagras little daughter will feature in the Hamara Bajaj family album!

Swinging Yorker
Ahead of the results of the Gujarat elections, eavesdropper got some insights into the thinking of some politicians as to which way they expected the verdict to go.

Now, even though the Congress is claiming to spring a surprise with a victory in Gujarat, there are at least a few of its leaders who think otherwise. They believe that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is in a much stronger position in the state.

And why so
A Congress leader who has a substantial number of Gujaratis in his constituency in another state explained that Gujaratis are a fanatic community. When it comes to religion they forget everything, even the much tried caste affiliations and it is religion alone which guides their vote. He said that while the Congress too was using the hindutva slogan in the state, but, as the BJP was the original claimant to this, votes of the majority community could go their way.