Auto Expo 2014: Tata Motors Aria, Maruti Suzuki Swift, Renault Duster get facelifts

Written by Car Dekho | Updated: Feb 22 2014, 21:56pm hrs
DusterThis year, some of the biggest automobile manufacturers are putting their best foot forward in showcasing morphed versions of their fleet.
There are cars and then there are game changers. In automobile industry, new vehicles come on road every now and then, and compete with these game changers and at the forefront are Tata Motors Aria, Maruti Suzuki Swift, Renault Duster and more.

While some of these news cars might be remarkable, existing players always tend to modify their champion and give it to public again. These are termed as facelifts and the 12th Auto Expo 2014 is sure to bring the best of them. This year, some of the biggest automobile manufacturers are putting their best foot forward in showcasing morphed versions of their fleet. While foreign companies are doing it, this time the excitement is at its peak because the Indian companies too are coming up with some really exciting facelifts.

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Topping the anticipation is the Tata Aria Automatic. While a facelift of the vehicle was shown at the Geneva Auto Expo in March 2013, the company reported that the facelift to be offered in the 12th Auto Expo 2014 would be a much refined one. It is rumoured that the new facelift might feature a 2.2 litre diesel engine which can sport an impressive 152.579 bhp. With new upholstery, redesigned alloy wheels and smoked projector headlights, further visual surprises are to be seen at the expo. The biggest news about this car, however, is the six speed automatic transmission system.

Maruti Suzuki India too is teasing the automobile fanatics with a lot of tricks up its sleeves. 2014 is said to be an exciting year for Maruti Suzuki and it is reassuring it by offering a facelift to its best seller Maruti Suzuki Swift. The new facelift is expected to offer a refreshing front bumper, advanced fog lamps with day time running LEDs, a 16 inch alloy wheel design. The car may also be offered in a new colour variant. The interiors are definitely changing, giving room to a lot of surprises in terms of design, features, etc. The engine specifications, however, are the same.

Chevrolet is also offering a facelift to one of its most successful vehicles in the country. The teaser released regarding Chevrolet Beats facelift says Style is coming to take the country by storm and we can only hope for the best. Though rumours were doing rounds about a new version being spotted here and there, the official confirmation about its unveiling in the 2014 Auto Expo just triggered the curiosity further.

Nissan unveiled its new facelift in Thailand under the name Nissan Almera. Nissan recently announced that itll unveil 'caaaaar' Nissan Sunny in India at the 2014 Auto Expo. The exterior design aesthetics are changing in terms of the front grill, bumpers and a redesigned headlights. However, its the interiors that are going to stand apart with the restyled centre console and piano black and silver aesthetics. The exteriors are made stylish with chrome linings on the lower parts of bumper. The technical features are expected to remain the same.

Renault, however, is playing it safe by exploring its successful models further. While Renault Duster is expected to come up with new variants, the new Fluence is also expected to make an entry in the 2014 Auto Expo. The new sedan reportedly has taken style and elegance to a new level of excellence. The new headlamps and redesigned front grill offer a pleasant feel. The side cladding, new set of alloy wheels and a redesigned interior upholstery along with a new LCD screen are some of the surprises the facelift is offering. While speaking about Renault it goes vague without talking about Duster, the ubiquitous SUV that grabs eyes all across the country. The facelift comes with beauty touches to the already perfect Duster design. Without overdoing anything, the company managed to offer refreshing variation to its model. Be it the dual tone chrome grill in the front, the reworked tail lamp or even the 16 inch alloy wheels with dark metal shade, the vehicle is a delight for eyes and a treasure for the owners. The instrument panel in the interiors has a few updates. Though the number of variants and the possibility of an automatic transmission version are not yet confirmed, one can only expect to be amused by whatever this French maker offers.

Skoda is reportedly coming with two of its facelifts. The Skoda Superb is the first one and it has some major improvements from its earlier model. The front is morphed clearly explaining the distinction in the facelift. Its butterfly grill and the new profiles of bumper and rear part are impressive. The taillamps and headlamps are redesigned too. It is, however, more prominent in the rear section. A beautiful chrome lining on the bonnet completes its beautiful picture. Interiors however have no major surprises. The second car being updated by Skoda is indeed a surprise. Skoda Yeti may not be the best in terms of sales, but Skoda is not ready to bail out on its SUV. The SUV market in the country is growing constantly, and Skoda does want to be a part. The facelift of Skoda Yeti offers the new square shaped headlamps, noticeable in most of the recent versions of Skoda cars. Though minor tweaks exist in the new Yeti, the key differentiation this time is expected to be in terms of pricing.

Another interesting facelift is that of Volkswagen Passat. Though no unit of its earlier mode were sold, the update is expected to be VWs way of giving it another chance. Major updates are not available yet; but, the car is known for its technological prowess. All in all, the Auto Expo is expected to be a bag of surprises with all the players, showing their best and latest under the same roof. It would surely offer delightful experiences to the auto enthusiasts.

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