Apple Inc.'s iOS 7.1 upgrade: Absolutely no shock and awe

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | Updated: Mar 15 2014, 21:22pm hrs
Apple, iPhoneApple iOS 7.1 upgrade is nothing great but you can live with it.
Apple Inc. iOS 7.1 is here. I have been looking forward to it, hoping that my iPhone 4, which slowed down dramatically in the weeks since I upgraded to iOS 7, would get a new lease of life. A couple of days after the upgrade, I think it is time to tell you if it is worth the effort.


Yes, it took the customary three tries to get this iOS upgrade through. It would be great if iTunes is able to continue an operating system download where it was paused, often due to an erratic broadband connection. The 150MB download is fast and took me about an hour with Airtelheys 4Mbps connection.

Shock and awe

There was absolutely no shock and awe. In fact, I was not even sure the install was done as everything from the wallpapers to the apps on the homepage looked the same. But the difference was visible when my phone rang for the first time. The rectangular swipe to answer bbutton had been replaced by a very Androidish-looking red and green buttons. The Remind Me and Message buttons on the call screen had also changed.

Apple iOS

No big change in user experience here, but I can live with it.

The other big change is when you make a call. The numbers are laid out like before, but the call buttons is now a green circle instead of the rectangle before. Again, nothing great.

Apple iOS

Nothing major, but the Weather apps is a bit different, so is the calendar. Mostly design changes that wont impact your life much.

Apple iOS

There are changes in Siri and the virtual assistant seems to have been reined in a bit. But I use a iPhone 4 and could not check whats new.


I faced one major problem. I am in the habit of responding to calls with will call back messages. I havent been able to send one succesfully since the upgrade and I have no idea why this is happening. I was expecting issues with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but both worked smoothly and I did not even have to link again after the upgrade.

Is it worth it

Well, I did not find anything that made me jump up in joy, except for the fact that my phone it a tad bit faster now. But I suggest you go ahead with the upgrade as there is nothing wrong with the version. I would have loved some really new features, instead of minor bug bixes and design tweaks.