And the saga goes on...

Written by Anushree Bhattacharyya | Updated: Jan 22 2013, 06:57am hrs
In the tedha hai par mera hai family, PepsiCo India appears to have found the perfect ingredients which will help its salty snack brand Kurkure transform into a mega brand

Remember the Kurkure ad where actress Juhi Chawla as the joshing Punjabi housewife tries hard to get her tedha relative Montu married, and at the end of the commercial she says, Tedha hai par mera hai. Launched in 2008, the positioning was based on the insight that people are no longer striving to be perfect but instead are comfortable in their own skin. They like being imperfect.

Needless to say, the snacking brand Kurkure, from the house of PepsiCo India, has always remained true to its positioning. Interestingly, it seems the quirkiness has worked for the brand. Kukure was launched in 1999. Since then the brand has been in India for the last 13 years and has built the category of snacking so much so that consumers today say, I want Kurkure. said Vidur Vyas, marketing director, foods, PepsiCo India. Vyas attributes two reasons behind this success. First the ingredients of the product rice, corn and masala belong to the kitchen of an average Indian household. And secondly, over the years the brand has made itself relevant to Indian culture based on various consumption habits, right from being a tea time snack, to the launch of festive packs during Diwali, Durga Puja and Ganpati Utsav, added Vyas.

Now after years of showing various crazy aspects of a family, the brand has taken a step forward with the introduction of a madcap family called the tedha hai par mera hai family whose members include the social butterfly grandmother, Chupa Rustam the elder son, Perfect Bhabhi the elder bahu, Bollywood Banker, the younger son, Bahu Remix the younger bahu, and Bhukkad the grandson of the family. All the members of the family are played by different cine stars. We wanted to transform Kukure into a mega brand and this campaign allows us to do it exactly in a way we want to which is by making the brand appealing to various age groups in a family. This family has provided a platform to say several stories at the same time as each member of the family is an advocate of one kind of product. For example, Kukure puff corns and monster balls are loved by the grandson of the family and is targetted at teenagers, explained Vyas.

From the companys perspective it had become imperative to find a platform of this kind which allowed the brand to speak in different languages and tones to different people at the same time. According to Vyas, a brand cannot use the same tone to speak to different consumers. The family provides the space to introduce different products, targetted at different people, said Vyas. The company from time to time launches new flavours to create buzz in the market and the shelf life of those flavours varies from three to six months depending on consumer feedback. Punjabi Pizza, Andhra Bangkok curry, Rajasthani Manchurian are some of the flavours expected to hit the market soon.

As the first phase of the campaign which witnessed the introduction of all the members of the family nears its end, the second phase is ready to hit the television screen. The second leg of the campaign features the entire family together in a 40-second long television commercial. A print campaign will be launched too on the same lines. Interestingly, a special radio programme was aired on January 7, 2012 in partnership with Radio Mirchi, where the channels hosted a four-hour show, called Kukure family day.

Various activations which includes the tedha hain par mera hai family visiting malls such as DLF Promenade in Delhi and interacting with consumers by playing games like antakshari (singing competition), have also been launched. In the digital space, the brand has kicked off a campaign on its Facebook page as well as on its Twitter handle. On Twitter the brand currently has 895 followers and has generated 1385 tweets. The brand seems to be performing well on Facebook generating 16,02,465 Likes and 1,60,288 conversations. Campaigns launched to promote the family such as Bahu Remix + Bollywod Banker = the most interesting post could get a Kurkure surprise has generated much hype garnering 6,356 Likes so far and 154 comments. With the campaign, our fan base on Facebook has increased by 50% and is now over 16 lakh, said Vyas. The family will throw a party for the consumers towards the end of this month and will have a NRI relative from Italy visiting them and with this, Kurkures quirky brand story continues.