Amkette Pixie Trubeats & Logitech X100: Music on the go gets a makeover

Written by Anirban Ghoshal | Updated: Sep 4 2014, 14:00pm hrs
MusicMusic has become very portable indeed from the days of the Walkman and iPods but on a very individual level.
Technology has a unique way of revering us, isnt it And when we talk about music a pleasure and availability quotient comes into the picture. Music has become very portable indeed from the days of the Walkman and iPods but on a very individual level. But what if we try to be less selfish and try to share the music with others as well The answer is already available in the marketnifty little Bluetooth speakersyour perfect solution to a party anywhere. And here is a look at two of these devices.

Amkette Pixie Trubeats

Talking of parties, music and Bluetooth speakers, Amkettes new Pixie Trubeats will surprise you. Often it is said that most powerful things comes in small packages and the Pixie proves every word of the statement. The Pixie, smaller compared to other speakers from rival stables, comes with beautiful multi-colour silicone sleeves to suit your party mood. The unique selling proposition of the Pixie is the Trubeats feature that keeps the base of the music intact. Most speakers in the same price range and category comes with more treble and less base.

The Pixie is also very easy and intuitive to use as it comes with a voice promptoption. The option can easily guide the user to connect the speaker and also places facilities like setting reminders and answering calls. It also can work well as a speaker phone on the go as it has a built-in Mic. It doubles as a stand-alone music controller and the user can choose to forward songs or move to a new song using the buttons on the panel below the speaker without even touching the smartphone. Another feature of the Pixie is that it can pair multiple devices (a maximum of two) which gives the user the option to make calls from one device while pausing the music from the other.

Did we miss something Yes, as the Pixie is a Bluetooth speaker, the range of connectivity is vital. The Pixie offers a wireless range of 10 metres for seamless calling and music-oriented fun. Thick walls might be a problem in a few cases but mostly the experience is hassle-free. Now, as is true for all Bluetooth speakers, the device needs to be charged using an USB cable before it can be taken out. The charging period for the dynamite speakers is roughly three hours and the charge survives over a five-hour period.

Amkette has also been kind enough if we might say to add an AUX cable, sleeves, hand strap and a micro USB cable into the box which is selling for an effective price of R2,195 across leading retail stores in India and all e-commerce portals.

Estimated street price: Rs 2,195

Logitech X100

Enough about the Amkette device, here is another option in the same categorythe Logitech X100. A little bigger and meaner looking like the Hulk, the X100 also offers a calling options. With a price tag of (R2,995), it allows the users to stream music from 30 feet away. The best part of the mean Hulk is its sturdiness and clear sound though we were a little disappointed with its base. The speaker can survive most accidental physical abuses and is designed in a way to increase sound output.

The X100 comes with a Lithium-ion battery and hence supports over five hours of music on a single charge. The box contains an USB charger and a strap to enhance portability. Like most other speakers it has volume controls on its body and a Bluetooth control along with a power button. It also allows management of phone calls and volume control from the phone. The X100 comes in five bold colours.

Estimated street price: Rs 2,995