Agility, handling office politics most important for career success

Written by PTI | New Delhi | Updated: Jul 4 2014, 22:35pm hrs
SuccessCareers are not just about job performance, says the poll, pointing to agility.(Thinkstck)
Agility in office and surviving the politics at workplace are some of the most important factors for career success and the lack of it can put a brake on the professional career of a person even when his/her performance does not slow down, says a survey says.

According to a snap poll on common career derailing

factors, during May-June 2014 conducted by, a leading job search portal for mid-management and senior

professionals, agility is most crucial for career success.

Career-savvy professionals recognise the fact that

careers are not just about job performance, says the poll,

pointing to agility -- the ability to take on change with a

positive attitude and to come up with quick-thinking responses

to new realities -- as a crucial career skill.

Over 1/3rd of professionals (34 per cent) who voted in

the poll ranked the failure to be 'agile' as the number one

factor that can derail a career.

As per Leadership Advisor Lee Colan, agility includes

flexibility to stretch your mind to take in new knowledge or

information, strength to continue to develop core competencies

while absorbing the change around and speed in responding &

acting to new developments.

The poll findings further said that 31 per cent of

respondents said surviving workplace politics is the top issue

and a failure in this regard could bring career growth to a

grinding halt.

A further 23 per cent of respondents believe that the

inability to grow into an expanding role is a career concern,

putting the focus squarely on personal evolution to keep pace

with new responsibilities and finally, 12 per cent respondents

believe that the presence of ego issues and a lack of ego

management can lead to a career slowdown.

Professionals will need to manage ever-growing career

complexities, as employees who score high on agility and

managing workplace politics become the ones to gain the most.

"The keys to career growth, even more than performance on

the job, will be behavioural change, embracing new skills &

continuous learning," the report said.