Agewell Foundation powers free old age healthcare campaign

New Delhi | Updated: Aug 27 2014, 02:02am hrs
Agewell FoundationAgewell Foundation, which undertook a survey and found out about Madan Lal's condition, helped him to find succour.
Madan Lal, an 85-year-old resident of Subhash Camp, Aali Village was suffering from several old age related problems. He was unable to move around freely due to arthritis and severe back pain. He could not even step out of his house. His family members ignored his health condition, adding to the misery. However, timely intervention by Agewell Foundation, which undertook a survey and found out about his condition, helped Lal to find succour in the form of a wheelchair that was provided to him, which now helps him to move around.

Madan Lal is not alone in his misery. In old age almost everyone has to deal with healthcare related issues due to various factors. Fast declining health status, lack of family support, marginalization and isolation among various other factors contribute towards abysmal living conditions for the destitute elderly. The situation is protracted in slums where socio-economic constraints play havoc for elder persons as they are mostly seen as burdens rather than assets by their family members.

Stepping into this world is Agewell Foundation, which identifies helpless and destitute older persons across slum clusters of Delhi-NCR and has been providing them with much required help and relief material through its network of dedicated volunteers.

Agewell Foundation has been conducting its Free Old Age Healthcare Campaign in slums of Delhi & NCR since 2012. Over 3000 adult diapers, 500 walkers and 100 wheelchairs are distributed every month. This campaign has been supported through contributions from regular as well as occasional donors.

Healthcare in old age has become one of the major challenges in India, particularly for old people from below poverty line families,destitute and marginalized. They have no dedicated facility to take care of their health in old age. All of us who can afford to assist them in whichever way possible must extend a helping hand, said Himanshu Rath, Chairman of Agewell Foundation.