After Narendra Modi praise, Kiran Bedi may get Bharatiya Janata Party invite

Written by PTI | New Delhi | Updated: Jan 11 2014, 01:30am hrs
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy today said former Army chief Gen V K Singh and Anna Hazare's aide Kiran Bedi should be invited to join the party, a day after the former IPS officer endorsed party's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

"We should invite Kiran Bedi & Gen Singh to join Bharatiya Janata Party," Swamy tweeted.

Kiran Bedi, who had yesterday endorsed the BJP's prime ministerial candidate, today again praised Narendra Modi.

"I am looking for somebody, who could lead this country or a party, which can provide stability. My support to Narendra Modi is for strong united and stable government," she said.

She also sought to dispel the view that the agitation of India Against Corruption was against both Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party saying, "No, it was not against BJP. This is a wrong impression. It was only against the scams of the Congress. BJP was not in the government.

"It was against scams like coalgate, 2G, CWG. It actually started with the CWG. It was against the party in power, which was not giving you the Lokpal bill," she said.

Kiran Bedi had yesterday tweeted, "For me it is India First! Stable, Well Governed, Administered, Accountable and Inclusive. As an independent voter, my vote is for NaMo."

She asked where will the countrymen go if the Lok Sabha election results give a hung Parliament.

"In fact the markets are already jittery that it might just bring a hung Parliament. So if you get a hung Parliament, you are going on your decline... the only option we have today is the BJP as a national party because the other national party is Congress, which is the cause of all the scams."

"How do I vote Congress again or even vote any other party. Congress has a very interesting method of coming through backdoor... So I don't even vote for anybody, who I like, respect and appreciate if they are going to be used as tools for the Congress to come through the backdoor."

Kiran Bedi was alluding to Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party, which has formed a government in Delhi with Congress support and is widely perceived to be having the potential to eat into the votes of BJP in Lok Sabha polls.