10 cool new features in Google Drive

Written by Tech Desk | New Delhi | Updated: Aug 11 2014, 16:06pm hrs
Google driveThe updated UI includes a unified "New" button for both creating new documents and uploading files.
Google has introduced several tweaks in its Drive for both web and mobile apps. Google Drive has a new desktop interface. The updated UI includes a unified New button for both creating new documents and uploading files.

Other changes include a streamlined grid view, a list of recently used folders, an incoming view that shows the files that have been shared, a simplified toolbar, better ways to select files, a new look for the details and activity sidebar.

Most users might have taken these updates for granted. However, here are 10 cool new features in Google Drive:

1) Plus someone into a comment- While adding comments in a Doc, Sheet or Slide, type + and the persons email address to send an email notification that a comment has been directed at them.

2) File sharing- Press the blue Share button at the top of a Doc, Sheet, or Slide to share the particular file instead of sending it as an email attachment. You can choose to share your file with specific individuals, anyone with the link, or make it public on the web. Also, you can even decide how much access others get: view-only, comment-only, or the ability to edit the file directly.

3) Offline mode- You can view, create, and edit docs, sheets, and slides without Internet connectivity. All your changes will automatically be updated the next time you connect to the Internet.

4) Finding someone on doc- A new update from Google allows you to be taken directly to where the cursor of some other user is in the document just by clicking on the profile picture at the top of the document. You do not need to scroll to find someone now.

5) Bookmarks individual sections- To do so, place your cursor at the place you want to bookmark and then click Bookmark under the Insert menu.

6) Office compatibility mode- Apart from converting Office files to Docs, you can now directly edit the file in Office Compatibility Mode in Google Docs and send it back in the original format.

7) Revision history- This feature helps you to recall something you wrote in a previous version of your document, but cant remember exactly what it was. Go to File and See revision history to see previous changes made to the document and by whom. You can even restore a previous version of the file.

8) Shortcuts & Add-ons- Type Ctrl + / to see a full list of the different keyboard shortcuts in Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Click the Add-ons menu at the top of a Doc or Sheet to check out whats available.

9) Pride- In a Google Sheet, type the letters of the word pride, one letter in each column, to get a colourful look.

10) Mirror image: Hit the following sequence of keys in a new Google Doc: up arrow, up arrow, down arrow, down arrow, left arrow, right arrow, left arrow, right arrow, b, a, enter. Youll get the mirror image of whatever you type.