My travels help me understand my customers better

Written by Banasree Purkayastha | Updated: Jan 22 2013, 07:16am hrs
1 The job: My work profile gives me the liberty to visit different parts of India to understand the market and get a better understanding of consumer behaviour and demands. The good part of extensive travelling is that being an expat I get to see and feel the diversity of this beautiful country. Though the work is sometimes never ending, there is so much to learn and experience in this industry which is ever-evolving. Till date, I have not found any reasons to hate my job, because I love new challenges.

2 The weekdays: A usual day starts at 6:30 am with an one hour walk near my apartment. Office begins at 9:30 am and lasts till 6:00 pm, but since we are operating in such a dynamic industry I end up working a little late. Weekdays are usually packed with meetings and business travels with my team. I have dedicated teams for various domains, but we work very closely to ensure that we adhere to deadlines and targets.

3 The weekend: I love to spend quality time with my family over the weekends. But my family has left for Japan as my daughter had to finish her school. So, these days I love to chat with them over Skype and keep them updated about the happenings and my upcoming travels. I also enjoy reading; most of the weekend is spend reading books and listening to music; I cherish listening to jazz and classical music.

4 The toys: I love photography; I own a D90 and a Nikon 1 J1. Nikon 1 J1 is one gadget I like to carry wherever I travel. Photography is one activity which soothes and relaxes me. Other than my camera, I carry my hand-phone all the time so that am always reachable.

5 The logos: My absolute love for cars makes me loyal to my Nissan, and one piece of accessory which I adore in my Tag Heuer.