I work on holiday ads, but rarely get the time for a holiday

Written by Banasree Purkayastha | Updated: Jul 16 2013, 09:07am hrs
1The job: No day is like another because there is a new challenge to face everyday. I have a great boss in Madhavan my managing director who believes in empowerment and freedom. The only thing that I dislike about my job is that I work on so many holiday ads, audio-visuals, brochures, etc., but do not have the time to take holidays myself!

2The weekdays: I get up at 6:45 am and the day begins with some basic exercises stretches, crunches, push ups and light weights. I am done by 7:45 am and sit down for a large cup of tea and three newspapers (given my role, this is work!). By 9 am I am off to office. The day starts with a daily update with my teams senior managers to take stock of the days priorities, then I focus on delivery and closing jobs after which I break off for lunch with senior colleagues or team members. The second half of the day is spent on browsing/ reading to see what the rest of the world is up to and if there are any ideas we can learn from, adapt or imitate. I make it a point to meet members of the team individually to help close requirements for individual businesses, and use the last hour every day to plan for the following day and get all my correspondence out of the way. By 7-7:30 pm I leave office , get dropped off at Worli sea-face from where I walk home with my headphones listening to music.

3The weekend: My schedule is broadly the same except that

I get up later around 8 am , do a relaxed breakfast/brunch (either a dosa or a Chinese meal) followed by some shopping or errand running. I grab an afternoon siesta if I can. I take a walk with my wife on Worli sea-face or Marine Drive in the evening, followed by a movie (either at a theatre or at home on a DVD) followed by dinner over drinks with friends/family. Sunday evening, we make it a point to attend mass

at St. Michaels Church, Mahim.

4The toys: My Motorola Mobile phone is the only toy I really cannot do without because it houses both my SIM cards/numbers, has all my contacts and has all my music on it!

5The logos: There are several brands I like. For work, its Park Avenue, Van Heusen, Arrow and Zodiac while for fridays /weekends my favourites are Levis, FCUK, Puma, Adidas and Woodland. The accessories brands I admire are Tag Heuer, Cross and Hush Puppies. Among perfumes, it is Paco Rabanne, Gio and Bvlgari.