I hate the uncertainty and anxiety in my job

Written by Banasree Purkayastha | Updated: Nov 20 2012, 09:24am hrs
1 The job: Being in a dynamic industry, every day is a different day for me. Each day brings plenty of challenges and facing them successfully gives a high. It provides occasions to celebrate victory and keeps the young spirit alive. One aspect that I particularly like is the opportunity to connect with people and learn through their experiences and perspective.

I love to travel and my job ensures that I get enough opportunities to explore different cuisines and cultures and capture memorable moments with my Canon camera.

And one thing that I hate the most about my job is the degree of uncertainty and anxiety which is always present due to a rapidly changing business environment.

2 The weekdays: I am an early riser, my day starts at 6 am with a cup of Earl Grey black tea which I prefer to prepare myself and love serving it to my wife too. It is then followed by daily yoga and every alternate day, I prefer exercising at the gym.

I choose morning time to think of new ideas, in fact, most of the new ideas come to me at dawn. You will find me in my office sharp at 9am. My regular working day is filled up with pre-scheduled meetings with the staff for reviews, planning, etc., for almost half a day, followed by interactions with customers and dealers. Since I also represent industry forums, meeting with other industry leaders and government bodies are also part of my schedule as and when required.

Twice a week, the evening stretches to dinner meetings. However, on the other days, I try and be home by 6:30pm and spend quality time with my family.

3 The weekend: Weekends are completely dedicated to my family. I choose to spend one evening with my parents and family at home and one evening is reserved for quality dinner time with my wife and children. I hold course driving range every alternate Sunday. Indulgence to me is spending good time with my favourite red wine on weekends.

4 The toys: I cant think of a day without my iPhone, and I am a big SMS person. I send almost 25 text messages in a day amidst my busy schedule.

5 The logos: I have my brand preferences for different requirements. I use Canon for photography, Apple for my phone, Rado as the watch brand, Toyota for my car and YSL for fragrances.