I am no brand freak

Written by Rohit Nautiyal | Updated: Mar 27 2012, 07:06am hrs
* I love my brand because: The brand has the capability to transform ones living. It can transmute ordinary into extraordinary and scope of innovation is unlimited.

* My job is great: I am operating in a very challenging environment where one has to innovate on a daily basis. Each challenge gives me an opportunity to learn and grow on a daily basis.

* What I don't like about my job: I have been associated with Greenply Industries for past 10 years. I think its a good enough reason to justify that I love each and every bit of time which I have spent here. There are work challenges in every organization but one need to learn to overcome and move forward.

* The turning point in my career: when I joined Greenply Industries. Experiencing the brand grow from ground zero to top is a big moment as you can see the fruit of your hardship

* My favourite social networking site: Though I am not a very social media freak but I can be often found on Facebook.

* In my free time:I like to: spend time with my family, specially I enjoy playing with my 1.5 years old kid and second thing which I like to do in my free time is cooking for my friends and family over the weekends.

* Brands I wear: I am not a brand freak. I pick up stuff which I like irrespective of any brand. Having said this, I am very brand conscious when I am shopping for my family and friends.

* Average number of job offers I get in a year in a year: 2-3 in a year or even more. I hope my boss is not reading this

* First thing I do after entering the office: prepare a task list for the day.

* Most inspirational moment: When Greenlam achieved the status of 5th largest laminate company in the world. The next goal is to become world no 3 and then No 1.

As told to Rohit Nautiyal