I am lucky to be surrounded by people committed to their work

Written by Banasree Purkayastha | Updated: Apr 2 2014, 02:37am hrs
1The job: Lacoste is a terrific place to work. With wonderful colleagues and frequent new challenges, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by committed people. Lacoste India as an organisation offers a conducive environment to employees giving them enough liberty to innovate their ideas and freedom to plan their execution. As a result, we have a strong team that bonds very well and believes in work hard, party harder.

2The weekdays: I generally wake up at 6 am just to make sure that I reach office on time. After reviewing my previous days tasks and prioritising my current days duties, I prefer to follow a schedule which is planned and properly strategised. Since I spend a major part of the weekday either in office or performing official responsibilities, I make sure to spend quality time with my family once I reach back home. I go to bed at 11 at night.

3The weekend: I favour light and relaxed weekends or when I can plan a short vacation. I love watching movies with my family, exercising, doing yoga and reading books.

4The toys: I am addicted to my iPhone and my laptop.

5The logos: Undoubtedly, Lacoste. Lacoste is like a second skin to me. Apart from Lacoste, I have a bias for brands such as Apple, Mont Blanc and Rado.

As told to Banasree Purkayastha