I am comfortable shopping from luxury stores as well as from the flea market

Written by Banasree Purkayastha | Updated: Jan 29 2013, 11:43am hrs
1 The job: My job at Intex is to make sure that my company grows as I grow. The power to constantly create and innovate keeps me going and the drive to excel in whatever we are doing excites me every day. My job is my passion and I enjoy every bit of it.

2 The weekdays: On weekdays I wake up quite early and start my day with mild exercises. I have my first meal of the day breakfast with my family where we discuss and share anecdotes, our routines and anything and everything important that we need to. As a policy, I dont discuss work at home.

I reach office everyday at 10 am. Starting early gives me the advantage of having daily brainstorming meetings and discussions with my vertical heads to discuss pending issues and way forward. Also, since growing together is our motto, we meet every month to review the previous months work and devise strategies for better output going forward.

I usually end my day at 7 pm.

3 The weekend: After spending my weekdays with my extended family - Intex, I make sure I reserve my weekends for my family. We usually plan trips to relax and recuperate, visit relatives and catch up with friends over movies and dinner outings.

4 The toys: I dont follow market trends when it comes to my gadgets. I choose them as per my requirement. Currently, I am using an Intex phone- which is high on features and meets my day-to-day requirements.

I am quite big on video games. Its a stress buster for me.

5 The logos: I believe in the concept of 'simple living, high thinking', so I generally do not go only by brands. I am as comfortable shopping from a high-end luxury store as I am from the flea market.