Challenges keep me going

Written by Banasree Purkayastha | Updated: Dec 5 2012, 02:41am hrs
1 The job: Being the CEO of the company does not mean that I am concerned only about its financial status. I am very much involved in the overall business of Promart from marketing , logistics and inventory, to selecting the right locations to setting up targets and identifying key markets for growth and sustainability along with my team. I look into the day-to-day affairs and major business related decisions in order to ensure that the business functions smoothly. Challenges keep me going and I get excited when a challenge is thrown at me. I do not get offended when people call me a workaholic and this keeps me on my feet all the time. My office is open to them for any suggestions or discussions. We have set targets for our team members and since we are looking to expand aggressively in the Indian market, hiring the right talent with the right skill sets becomes important for me. I always ask my team to work with ethics and deliver more than promised. Yes I do dislike when people say No without making an effort.

2 The weekdays: On weekdays I wake up at 6.30 am and head straight to the gym for an hours training. Breakfast is usually eaten with my son who is a part of my daily dose of vitamins. At 9.30 am, I am at the office ready to motivate my team. Once a week, I sit with my team members to discuss the current work and identify what has to be done in the following weeks. I have a young and dynamic team and have set certain targets for all. Along with the goals that they personally would like to achieve, they also are involved in setting the goals for Promart. This makes me proud of them. My day ends after a minimum of 12 hours of work with a dessert party at home with my daughter.

3 The weekend: While I remain professionally and personally committed to my work seven days a week as stores are open every Sunday, my children always come first. Hence it is babys day out. When the weather is nice we usually spend the day by the pool. In the evenings, I listen to old songs. That really relaxes me and helps me to clear my thoughts.

4 The toys: The watch, my mobile phone, my laptop and my car are my favourite gadgets. As long as I have these to get my time, communication and whereabouts right, I am a happy man.

5 The logos: The brands that I am more comfortable with are Mont Blanc, Armani Exchange, Salvatore Ferragamo and Diesel.